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Convert every visitor into loyal subscriber or How to make website visitors opt in to your newsletters

This 3 min read might help with expanding your subscribers base
You can find subscription form nearly on every website.
It's apparent - subscription is a powerful tool and can greatly support you with your marketing goals... but getting people in might be a challenge.
Newsletters and special offer updates can help you update your customers about new features or product varieties or pour some new leads into your sales funnel or just give a friendly ping to your loyal clients to keep fresh your brand in their minds.
In the past days people easily typed their email address in the subscription forms but things changed - now you have to offer in exchange something useful and do it as easy as possible.
1. Exclusivity and limited access
There should be a gem a person can't find in free access - something exclusive. Well-known web marketer Brian Dean engages his website visitors promising to send them materials that will be never available anywhere, even in his blog.
It is important to pose a clear statement for a reader and make a subscription process as easy as possible.
2. Subscribers-only freebies and special discounts
You might do a little trick as well and offer in exchange for subscription a free digital report, ebook, webinar access, a template or promo code for discount. Everything that may be useful for a person visiting your site will be a good catch.
Super offer for new subscribers of H&M - a discount and free shipping for the first order. However, in this case shortening the subscription form would be better for conversion.
3. Clearly state value the person gets
while giving you email address
In this case you should clearly state advantages that subscriber will receive and make them visible. Make it clear why the person can't live without your newsletter. No kidding!
What if you have no free ebook or a report? That's not a problem! Choose the biggest and the most popular article in your blog, create a nice PDF and use it as a lead magnet.
Optimizely offers a complementary report with clearly stated value propositions and delivers it to your email, which is then used to send newsletters.
Another insurance website clearly writes about the subject of subscription list so interested visitor will gladly subscribe to it.
4. Engage with entertainment or a bargain catch
Some website might find useful and relevant to make a contest or a draw. After all people love to play so an interesting short game might attract some more visitors to leave their emails too.
WP Forms tries to seduce a visitor with a Fortune Wheel with various discounts and sweet things. To spin the wheel a visitor has to provide email to receive the prize.
5. Placement matters!
One of the best practices is pretty obvious
Make visitor notice what you've got to offer. Accent your freebies. Nice and easy. Everybody loves good things.
Offer catching freebie with a sliding side-popup
It can be sliding from aside while visitor is reading your article
Hubspot promotes templates related to each article
Offer to subscribe in a sliding side-popup
If your visitors will be impressed by the quality of your content it will be easy to convince them to sign up to updates with the same notable materials. Straight-forward as that.
Post Planner uses popups but promotes a subscription for a newsletter
As Boast does. A catchy slide-in popup invites a visitor to join a mailing list.
Promotional banners
Place a big banner with subscription promotion in the body of article, normally at the end of it.
Some combine all methods in one place :)
Choose a good place for subscription button
If subscriptions are business-critical for you then it deserves to be placed in front of everything else. So don't save most precious spots, devote them to the subscription button and right Call-to-Action!
AdHawk generously allocated a big chunk of the top frontpage area
As an opposit tactic you can place a subscription button in the footer bar like Boast did.
Restrict access to some content
Tease visitors to get access to good content in exchange for subscription
As an example Brian Dean knows his articles are extremely useful and popular so he decided to make subscribers-only access.
Exit-intent popup
Yes, these exit-popups are annoying but they really work! 70% of people leaving your website or blog most likely will not come back. So why not to try and offer them something good in exchange of their subscription?
Here an example of exit-intent popup that tries to catch leaving visitor with a guide offering.
6. Probably the most important detail:
Call-to-Action words on your button
This last point definitely deserves a separate post in our Blog. Good CTA is a key to get maximum conversion from your subscription button. A good call to action has to send a clear message about the benefits people will get when they press your subscription button and opt in.
Guys from OptInMonster recommend to pay a big deal of attention to the wording you place on the button.

When you're writing a CTA, the words really matter, because those are what make people act.
Here's what you need to do to make that happen:
- Use action words
- Create urgency and scarcity
- Minimize risk
- Focus on value
- Invite readers inside
- Get personal
- Foster curiosity and anticipation
- Avoid friction words
- Show benefits and social proof
See yourself which button would you prefer to tap?
To summarize this post there are many different tips and tricks for making your subscription engagement more efficient. However, we would stress the following:
1. Provide useful and valuable motive for people to subscribe
Use freebies, good reports or guides, some coupons or discounts
2. Exclusivity
Subscriber-only access or privileges might work well.
3. Subscription button placement on your webpages
Place several buttons in various places relevant to context of the content.
4. Call to action statement on the button
Last but not the least make personal curiousity-awakening CTA wordings on your buttons.
5. Make subscription as easy as possible
Try to make it one-tap action just like with subscription buttons. People are lazy and will not fill out lenghty forms. Even 2 fields already may be too long.

You should always be in a context of your content, specifics, industry habits and people you want to take aboard to your great interesting newsletters.
We recommend to do experiments with subscription button placement, CTA wording, freeby giveaway type. Do the tests, observe metrics and be flexible on your way to success in subscriptions.
short wrap-up
Be in your context, do experiments, metrics will show perfect fit.
Subscribers engagement is pretty a task. But keeping base retention and transforming attention of your subscribers into real actions and conversion is a level-up task. And we will be happy to help you with that.
They subscribe often but they unsubscribe even more often! There are many possible reasons why people opt out.
Read more about it in our Blog.
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