Commerce trends
Direct-To-Consumer shifts
The commerce world changes to super-personalised even more. Brands should establish stronger ties with each and every customer.
Everybody sees how many small retail brands pop up ad flourish in their narrow local niches thanks to available technology: social media, out-of-the-box ecommerce platforms like Shopify, vast plethora of delivery and communication services, connection with local influencers.

Brands are already feeling the need to expand their presence in the lives of customers. If they don't, they risk being forgotten and replaced by more engaging brands or simply cannibalized by Amazon, the bottom-of-the-funnel brand crushing black hole of online retail.
If the presence of a brand in your customer's digital life is simply to capture the occasional transaction, consider that brand at risk. If a brand's email program functions as a way to refresh its customers recollection of its very existence, the next decade is not going to be very kind. The digital presence of every brand needs to shift from transaction to attention.
There are clear signals to invest more in brand influencers, personalised offerings and personalised communication with your customers. Sending email newsletters is not enough.
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