Connect social channels to your WordPress plugin
Go to Channels section

Press tab Add New Channel

Choose a type of channel to connect

Follow the instructions on the screen
Keep on adding channels one by one.

Having more channels available for your visitors will increase total number of subcribers.

On the screenshot below you can see active channels, deactivated channels and channels that you are able to connect.

Please note that you can connect several channels of one type: for example, one Facebook page for sales subscriptions and another Facebook page for support updates. Still it is your choice how many channels to connect.
Well done!
Once you have added the channel it is ready to be on the Subscription button, the widget you catch your visitor with.
Read more about it here...
There is a lot of different social networks and messaging apps in the World.
But if you want to have more visitors as subscribers, set more channels up.

Creating a social account is easy and takes minutes.
Invest some time into your future success. It is worth it.

Who knows may be that visitor from China with WeChat will be your next "million dollar" customer?

In case you don't have some of the channels set up...

Here are the links to short tutorials
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