Create powerful subscription buttons for your WP website
Go to Widgets section

Choose Create new widget
Give it a good understandable name
A good name will let you quickly understand what is the widget about, chich CTA text you wrote on it and where you have placed that.
With time you might have many different widgets with different Texts, colours and placed in different places. So a good name will let you keep all your buttons in order :)
Now select channels you would like your visitors to subscribe to your news.
Email will be selected by default as some of people still would like to provide their email address instead of getting updates from you in a messaging app.
It is worth of adding as many channels as you have available so you give people more choice in terms of messaging app they might use and find comfortable.
One of the most important step: give a good catchy caption to your button (this is called "Call to Action" text)
People react only to limited number of things.
Make your subscription button really effective giving it a good call to action caption. Your CTA must mean exactly what then your subscriber will get.
Giving a good CTA might be tricky, so we recommend you to play around with this caption and also with the place you put your button on your website.
Useful read: we have written up a good article about CTAs and placement of buttons in our Blog. All you have to know about it in short and concise article. Give it a look!
Tip: Pressing on the button in Preview area will give you a nice understanding how your button will look like when visitor presses it.
Now choose button design that fits your website best
It can be with square or round edges
If you choose square design the social buttons inside will also be square...
Or for the round button design...
the social buttons inside will also be round.
Now select your button colours
To get a better feeling of how your button will look on the background of your page you can also set a background color, so the review area will better reflect the place you will put the button in.
Now set a helper text for uncapped button
This is the 2nd CTA of your button! Giving clear directions here will amplify the CTA effect of your button and influence the conversion rate of your button.
We suggest you to write a "straight-forward order" which people will follow.

A decent text is provided by default but you still can play with it.
Final step!
Choose the way your button will appear on your website
There are 2 options:
1. you can place the button any place on your website with a shortcode.
2. the button will be a widget "floating" in the lower part of all your pages

Play with both of them around and choose what is best in your case.
If you choose "any place" then you will get a shortcode and a PHP code to insert your button exactly where you need it.

If you need help with placing a shortcode for your widget - contact our support!

There is a form below or you can just message us with any messaging app handy for you by clicking this link.
If you choose "floating" then your button will become available right away on your website. So no further actions needed. :)
Here is an example of how "floating" button looks like on our Occasions List.
One more tip:
in your Widgets list you can see that some widgets have different icons. The icon shows whether it is a "floating" or "fixed place" widget.
Well done!
Now you are ready to grow base of your subscribers and do message marketing. Read more...
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