Imagine your WordPress website
turns more visitors into loyal friends?
All that with just one plugin.

And it frees your time for customer support with automated chatbots too.
Now tell this:
What app almost everyone has on the smartphone and use most?
Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, iMessage, Viber, Telegram, Line, VK, KakaoTalk etc...

People talk to each other.
A lot.
Now your site can talk too!

Your WordPress website
Superpowers of these:


Let us tell you how

Lock your brand in your customer's smartphone
Same but different "Live chat"
Our Live chat widget is much more than just live chat. Customers can easily move the talk to their social app. Even if they left your website, they can still talk to you. And you can talk back. That's how your brand gets inside their smartphones.
Sleepless and always polite robots
Activate chatbot automation in a livechat widget to get 80% of typical questions answered automatically. You will have to handle just a 20% remainder. That's a lot.
Hit the button to start Magic
The easiest way ever for your visitors to become mates of your brand: subscribe to your offers, updates or to ask you a question right from their social app. Seamless transition from your website to the social app they use the most with their friends.
And your brand gets a sweet warm place in the smartphone of your customer. Again.
Once you are in the person's social app...
You can send marketing messages (100% GDPR compliant with their consent!) or you can deploy a smart chatbot scenario or a person always can contact you anytime she wants!
Sniper rifle or a fly swatter?
So what would you choose: a social message with open rate as high as 80% or email with open rate of 20% max? Social messages are so effective as there is no spam by design. Your brand has to use it instead of email marketing (or at least in addition to).
Imagine your message can speak...
Unlike emails, social messages can have smart buttons which being pressed by a recipient, can trigger an automated scenario assisting your customer almost as if it was you. Automatically. And you will have more time to your daily routines.
Or you can do polls, customer base segmentation, prize draws etc etc etc...
Easy outside, mighty inside!
easy face, strong body

Robust platform
under the hood

Easyping is working on,
our omni-channel communication platform.
Processing thousands of social instant messages per second - and that is not the limit.

Get closer with
your customers today

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